Wastewater Treatment Units

Wastewater Treatment Units

KDDB designs, assembles and installs one of the most efficient wastewater treatment solutions. We assemble the new generation Deep Biological Treatment Plants which based on ARS (aero-rhythmic system) technology. The solutions we provide are reliable, efficient, cost effective and easy to maintain.

About the ARS technology

The ARS technology (aero-rhythmic systems) continuously receives and processes wastewater, with the alternate sequencing of aeration channel between the inlet tank and aero tank. The advanced system of circulation and recirculation of return activated sludge between the aeration tanks has resulted in the elimination of primary anaerobic settling tank for pre-treatment process. This technology has reduced the total volumes of tanks that are used in the process and accelerate the oxidation of difficult-contamination of household chemicals.

Distinctive features:-

  • Does not produce raw sludge in any form due to modem design of removing initial elimination steps.

  • The absolute absence of odor.

  • Contains entire spectrum of aerobic-anoxic biochemical reactions, allowing carrying out deep biological treatment for all types of waste.

  • Plant operation does not require any specialist knowledge. The entire system is fully controlled by automation.

  • NO noise is procedure by the unit.

  • Very high reliability - MTBF of more than 18 months.

  • No corrosion due to the use of integrated polypropylene panels with foamed inner layer.

  • The quality of treatment is 98%.