EPC- Multi disciplinary contracts

We transform the Kuwait by building prosperity and empowering progress.As one of the Kuwaitmajor engineering, procurement & construction (EPC) companies, KDDB offers integrated solutions that bring our Clients greater capital efficiency with improved cost and schedule certainty.

    KDDB can meet Clients' project needs anywhere. Engineering disciplines include: civil, electrical, mechanical, piping and structural engineering; as well as advanced specialties such as simulation, enterprise integration, integrated automation processes and interactive 3D and 4D modeling.


    Before the construction itself we ensure that all the necessary material and equipment will be available. Our procurement section can stand as a part of a greater project or alone as a separate service. We have the necessary professionals, facilities and strong ties with manufacturers and suppliers to provide such.


    KDDB has been executing civil works and providing long term maintenance services since 1952. Since inception, this service has been the backbone of our enterprise and continues to be a fundamental part of our business.

We offer a full a range of housing projects, building construction, plant civil works, road works fireproofing, heavy earth movement, building maintenance works etc.Our Civil division allocates a team to each project we work on, resulting in consistency, reliability and efficiency. We ensure the timely delivery of each of our services in the project such as earthworks, site retention, ground slabs, etc