EPC Diesel & Petrol Filling Stations

KDDB offers a wide range of Diesel &petrol forecourt development and civil engineering services. We can deliver new builds, complete knock down re-builds and major forecourt re development works including installation of underground double contained fuel storage tanks. All to a high standard and at a competitive price. KDDB often work alongside the client’s design and management teams to deliver a high quality build that fully meets the requirements and expectations of the client.

We carry out civil works and ground works associated with the upgrade and modification of fueling systems, where we regularly work alongside specialist pipework contractors, either as principal or sub-contractor.

KDDB undertake re-surfacing work, either tarmac or concrete, to petrol forecourts, car parks, HGV parks and distribution centers and can also facilitate the supply and installation of above ground bunded fuel storage tanks, primarily for the storage of diesel to fuel HGV fleets.