Blasting, Painting & Coating

KDDB a large variety of painting and sand blasting services for commercial and industrial work environments. KDDB has properly prepared and painted storage tanks, cement block buildings, and oil / gas facilities. KDDB's services are provided by a well-trained and safety-oriented professional painting crew.

Provision of the services of surface preparation, by sand or grit blasting, hand or power brushing and needle gunning, paint or coating application using air spray, airless spray, brush or roller application to piping, ducting, storage tanks, structural steel , equipment, machinery, process vessels / towers, marine structures, industrial plant, chemical plant, factory processes and buildings are offered.

Typical sites covered include power and water production stations, oil refineries, petrochemical plant, oil fields, storage facilities (bulk and liquid), export facilities, marine structures, factories and commercial buildings.

Expertise and equipment is available to utilize techniques required to combat the harsh Arabian Gulf environment encountered traveling to and accessing the work locations (onshore and offshore) and during the actual paint or coating application.